12 Ways You Need to Clean Differently During Flu Season

There’s nothing better than hunkering down indoors during the cold season, wrapped under a blanket, drinking a hot beverage and watching TV. Unless, of course, your little hibernation didn’t happen by choice. Staying home all day? Great. Staying home all day because you got the flu? Agonizing.

There are plenty of things you know you can do to prevent the spread of sickness during these ill-ridden months of the year. But while you worry about washing your hands and getting vaccinated to keep your body safe, your home might be working beneath you to harbor and spread germs. (The flu virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours, according to the Center for Disease Control.)

Incorporating some simple changes into your regular cleaning routine, however, can help to eliminate the germs that make their way into your home.

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