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Six Inexpensive Ways to Prep an Older Home for Sale

  • April 19, 2021
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Six Inexpensive Ways to Prep an Older Home for Sale

Older homes are filled with tons of character, countless memories, and hearty charm. Though some buyers are scared off with the stigma that older homes need more repairs, older houses often provide more square footage for a lower price than comparable new construction houses. When it comes time to sell, the owners of these older homes tend to fear that their wise, memory-filled walls will be too expensive to update to really catch the eye of the buyer-and that’s not necessarily true! Here are 6 inexpensive ways to help make a memorable mark in already hot market to get top dollar for your older home.

1. Break out the power washer. Power wash your driveways, deck, siding and other exterior surfaces. Be careful with siding in particular to avoid damage to your specific exterior product, but in general a thorough washing will clear years off the exterior and provide a much-needed facelift.

2. Crack open those paint cans. It’s always a good idea to paint the front door and change the shutters. Pick a complementary color for the door, and it will help “pop” when someone drives up. It can also help create a better memory of your home. Shutters are a relatively minimal expense but can modernize the feel of the house.

3. Curb appeal is everything. Improve your landscape. We cannot overstate this one. Curb appeal is everything for the first impression. Mow the yard, rake the leaves, trim the hedges and put some fresh mulch down.

Putting in a little elbow grease can go a long way. Making small updates can help raise the evaluation of your home, sell your home faster, and drum up some competitive bidding that could even soar over asking price. If you’re looking to read the full article and find out the other 3 ways to give your older home some new charm, click here.

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