Best Bagel Shops in New Jersey!

There’s no doubt that New Jersey has a lot of competition for who has the best bagels. The truth is that there’s so many that it’s almost hard to keep track! If you’re looking for a good bagel, but you’re overwhelmed with options, then you’re in luck! We are here to give you the inside scoop on our favorite bagel shops in New Jersey!

Boxcar Bagels & Deli

These hand-rolled, water-boiled and every-morning-freshly baked bagels have been made the same way for the past 23 years!  Be careful though- these bagels are notorious for being huge! The crispy outside and soft inside topped with some butter or cream cheese ends up being it’s own meal. If you’re looking for a fan favorite, this is the place to go!


The Bagel House

A variety of unique flavors and an endless production of bagels! The Bagel House sells 30 to 40 dozen bagels on weekdays; 60 to 70 dozen on weekends. And they are constantly creating new delicious flavors! Perhaps the most unique flavor is the sun-dried tomato, which is slightly more sweet than salty and quite delicious. This is a must try!


Alfa Bagels

Alfa bagels is famous for their perfect combination of crispy and chewy. A nice crispy outside crust with a soft and chewy middle! On top of their delicious bagel selection, they also offer a food menu, which includes things like burgers and salads. It’s no secret why this place is always busy!

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