August is National Black Business Month, and we recognize the Black-owned businesses across the country! African American business owners account for approximately 10% of U.S. businesses and about 30 percent of all minority-owned businesses. Cities, specifically, all over the United States go out of their way during August to make sure their support and encouragement is especially shown. The growth of black-owned franchise businesses has been huge, so every year we get to show our support to new business owners all over the country. Keep reading to learn more about National Black Business Month!


The History

In August 2004, historian John William Templeton and engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr, founded National Black Business Month as a means to “drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African-American businesses.” Jordan began his firm in San Francisco in 1969, but he struggled to get financing. But nonetheless, today he’s the successful owner of F.E. Jordan Associates Inc., a company that’s done work around the world. Although, he realizes the cards are still stacked against young Black entrepreneurs.


How to Observe

The concept of Black Business Month is simple: support Black-owned businesses as a way to promote greater economic freedom for the African American community! No matter what city or town you live in, there is bound to be plenty of Black-owned businesses near you that you can go support. You do not even necessarily need to buy something. You can show your appreciation and support in lots of other ways! For example, you can help promote them on social media, you can spread their name by word of mouth, or even go to the business and personally express your appreciation and acknowledgement for their hard work!


Finding Black-owned Businesses Near Me

If you are eager to go out and show your support, but you are unsure where you can find a black-owned business near you, don’t worry! Luckily, the internet is filled with lots of  ways that you can specifically look and find some choices. For example, some restaurant reservation websites such as OpenTable.com, specifically let you filter restaurants under the “Black-owned” category. Other resources on the internet also have a lot of similar features to help you look!

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