How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shed or Playhouse?

How to build a shed

Adding a shed to your yard gives you additional workspaces, storage space for your garden supplies, or you could even turn it into a playhouse for your kids to encourage their imaginations. If you’re a DIYer, you’re most likely wondering about the cost to build a shed when you realize that they come in a huge range of sizes, styles, and uses. All of them will add visual interest to your yard, and a high-quality shed can boost your home’s curb appeal when it comes time to sell.

Since sheds come in different materials, sizes, styles and can be used for a large range of things, the cost to build a shed will include a range of associated costs. You can have your shed custom made, assemble it from a kit, or build it DIY from a plan. However, if you need additional storage space, sheds can be a secure and safe area to store your items and keep them organized and out of your way.

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