Buying Real Estate

TCS Group New Jersey at Keller Williams is a full service Real Estate Brokerage in South Jersey for those looking to buy luxury real estate. With close to eighty agents across seven office locations, TCS has the ability to deliver results with their formidable business model. When buying real estate in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, pride of ownership is the number one reason why people yearn to own their home. It means you can decorate your home according to your own taste while giving and your family a sense of stability and security. It’s making an investment in your future.

Over the years, real estate has consistently appreciated and our experienced real estate professionals work closely with clients to simplify the buying process.

Selling Real Estate

TCS New Jersey specializes in real estate sales and marketing. We apply the same luxury standard of service delivery when selling real estate in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as we do to lifestyle and property management.

We creatively approach each assignment beginning with property image and ending with post-closing, warranty support and buyer satisfaction. Each property is carefully profiled and positioned to maximize its market potential in tandem with the sellers objectives. We skillfully coordinate advertising and public relations, on-site sales services, models and building presentation, financing, and owner relations. Our real estate sales team members in South Jersey are experts, fully licensed, with a proven track record of success.

Property Rentals

TCS is the largest purveyor of the finest single family homes, condos and apartment Rentals in the Area. Our realtors are experienced with the entire rental process from start to finish and are ready to find you the perfect property. We conduct customized searches from thousands of apartment listings, property management companies and private property owners throughout Philadelphia and its surrounding counties.

We can help you to discover the perfect rental in Southern Jersey or Philadelphia by using a precise search criteria . When beginning your search, you can rest assured you’re at the right place.

Property Management

TCS Management focuses on management of homes, condos, and town homes throughout the country with corporate offices in Philadelphia and New York. We are a fully Licensed Real Estate Brokerage Company and Members of the National Association of Property Managers with a Professional Property Management designation.

If you own a residential investment home and are looking for professional management, we are ready to work for you. We provide clients with assistance in tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance, bill pay, bookkeeping and many other services. At TCS we know the kind of attention your property requires.

Simplifying your Real Estate Experience

TCS New Jersey is the first company to bridge the real estate gap between NJ and PA for everyone who’s looking to buy, rent, sell or invest in real estate on both sides of the bridge. Our love New Jersey and Philadelphia real estate and its neighborhoods allows us to provide important, current and cutting-edge market data to sellers, buyers and tenants alike. We offer professional insight on design, amenities, management, finances and bylaws.

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