Single Family Home Upgrades To Consider

Upgrades To Consider

After buying a house, there are almost always home improvement projects to take care of. Some of them are projects that could be taken care of in a day. Others may be monumental tasks for various reasons. Whether they’re not within the budget, too time-consuming or major inconveniences, they’re kicked further down the road to worry about at a later date.

However, there are a few projects to cross off the list, or at least add them to the list if they’ve never been considered. Not only could these projects make the home more visually appealing, but they may actually add value to the property in the long run, or at least help save money on bills in the future.

Solar Panels

If the roof gets lots of sun, consider solar power. First and foremost, get multiple quotes and read reviews of the companies before choosing. Make these businesses compete against one another to get the lowest price. Try using Yelp as a starting point, as it’s easy to use and not regulated by the businesses themselves.

Next, buy the solar panels, as opposed to leasing them. This adds value to the home. Since most people can’t afford to buy with cash, financing to get a manageable fixed monthly payment is ideal. These payments are often lower than what a regular electric bill would be. The home could become self-sufficient. On top of that, most solar panels come with 20+ year warranties and many last a lot longer than that, which means free electricity in the future once the panels are paid off. Plus, many states offer tax breaks for solar panels since they’re considered “green.”


Similar to solar panels, the choice of landscaping can both save money and help save the world’s resources. Depending on the route taken, there could be little to no need to pay for a gardener. Also, it’s possible to lower the number of costly gardening tools needed to maintain the property and decrease the water bill in the process.

Unless set on having real grass, consider artificial turf. It looks good and requires minimal maintenance and no water. Get multiple quotes and have the companies bid against one another. While the cost may seem steep at first, artificial turf will pay for itself in the long run. If artificial turf is out of the question and there’s no need for a soft lawn area, many homeowners create easy-to-maintain gravel gardens. Succulents and other “tough” plants can be placed throughout the area to add a splash of color and character. Not only are many of these plants beautiful, but they’re drought-resistant and don’t make a big mess as the seasons change.

Entertainment Systems

If the homeowner doesn’t have a “green thumb” and wasn’t interested in the first two upgrades, this last one may influence him or her to act. Most people spend hours in front of screens each and every day. With technological advances occurring more regularly, this makes technology more affordable.

Regardless of the space to work with, there’s a way to get a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience for whatever there is to watch. Create a home theater setup that could rival an actual cinema experience. ProjectorTop offers reviews, buying guides, comparisons and tips across several brands. It’s a great starting point for anyone interested in a new entertainment system.

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