Tips to Protect Yourself From Unhealthy Air

West Coast wildfires have progressively gotten worse over time. Recently, wildfires in the Canada and Oregon region have had long lasting effects all over the country. Sadly, the Northeast’s air quality is also becoming very harmful because of these fires and have made the air extremely hazy and foggy, while also making it very difficult to breathe. If you suffer from health issues such as heart disease or any sort of respiratory condition, it is extra important that you become aware of the situations and take the best precautions possible. However, whether you are at risk or not, it’s important to still do what you can to protect yourself and the people around you. Read below to learn about some of the tips we have provided to help!

Check Daily Air Pollution Forecasts

Color coded forecasts can give you a good indication of whether or not the air quality is particularly bad. If you notice one day that it’s a littler more harmful, then try your best to limit your exposure outside to avoid breathing in harmful particles! Something like this can be very helpful, especially long term.


Avoid Walking Near High Traffic Areas

Even when air quality forecasts are green, the vehicles on busy highways can create high pollution levels up to one-third a mile away. This combined with the already harmful air can be very detrimental to clean breathing.


Avoid Exercising Outside

Although a nice run outside is one of the most stress relieving things to do, try to avoid this during times where the air quality is hazy. In addition to being harmful to your lungs, it can also cause eye and throat irritation.


If you are interested in learning about more helpful tips, read the full article here!

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